What’s new at the ball fields?

There was interest recently with regards to the ballfields at the Beaver Bank River, especially the old T-ball field at the back north side of the property. On the Beaver Bank Community Watch Facebook group, there was interest expressed in coming together to form a plan of action to expand the recreation opportunities.

Wonder no more! There is a plan in place which the Beaver Bank Community Awareness Association (BBCAA) has been working on for some time. We are working in conjunction with HRM, who own the property, to provide more recreation opportunities. Funds have been put aside for some of the improvements from the Scotian Wind Community Fund, and some funding will come from HRM. While COVID put a cramp in the timeline, we have been pushing to get some visible improvements on the go.

The first step was the improvements to the old tennis and basketball court. Upon surveying the community, it was determined that a pickleball court was in demand, with basketball next. HRM upgraded the pavement and installed new nets and court markers. Just a drive by will tell you that the pickleball is extremely popular. It has been some years since people could be seen constantly at the park.

It should be mentioned that we must be cognizant of the fact that the ballfields are a natural floodplain for the Beaver Bank River. Environmentally, we cannot do anything that will inhibit the flooding that could push it further up or downstream potentially impacting the property of others. HRM (Dept of Environ?) will determine what is and is not allowed as far as placement and material we are allowed to use.

A walking trail was also high on the list of wants. We first had to determine the extent of the property itself. There was some confusion due to an old story. Years ago, when the Lakeridge Estates was developed, it was said that the marshland behind the south side properties, over to the river was to be a protected duck run and not developed. In fact, it is private property and not set aside as “parkland” as was supposed. Therefore, the trail will be more of a walking track, looping around the perimeter of the fields. The path has been determined and we are just waiting on final approval from HRM so the path can be smoothed and graveled.

We have already purchased picnic tables (and benches?), which are to be installed this summer, along with security cameras. The tables were bought from LakeCity Works and are made of composite plastic. They will be installed onto concrete pads. Composite plastic was chosen for its durability.

Through discussions we have developed a further wish list, as follows:

Gazebo or Bandstand for events which has electricity, preferably in the area of the old T-ball field, behind the pickleball court.

New playground, preferably accessible. The existing playground was removed due to safety issues and is not currently due to be replaced.

Expand the pickleball court.

We are also looking at options for the skatepark, but no details are available right now.

Please watch the Beaver Bank Bulletin Facebook page for updates.