Don’t Panic!

“Don’t Panic!” This line popped to mind this week. For those that have read or watched “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” would be familiar with the line and the theme. How does it apply to our lives today, no matter how bad things get we look for that silver lining.

These days we find ourselves being asked to keep our personal space of 2 metres, avoid unnecessary travel or even self imposed quarantine and then trying to figure out how not to go stir crazy.

What opportunities do we have before us in these trying times?

First item on the list is as we prepare for Easter or Passover we have the tradition of spring cleaning, so take the time over the next few weeks and clean the cabinets move the stove and fridge and air out your place. If you need supplies and cannot go out call someone or see if your neighbour needs anything if you go out, time to help each other in the little things.

Second opportunity is to look over your place and see what projects you can finish, that you have avoided because you (insert your excuse).

Thirdly, you can look over your place and choose its time to repaint, rearrange or make out a list of new projects you can plan out.

Don’t like these options, see who you can help by doing deliveries, calling to chat with anyone who is shut in or if your bold create an opportunity for a new business venture.

If this still is not good, you could take up some painting (Online classes) and Dollar Store for supplies. Write a book, research your family history. Take a day to binge watch your favourite movies/shows (only a day, not a week). Find your own way to be productive.

Above all Don’t Panic!

Elmer Grove