Crime Statistics

In an effort to better understand illegal activities in our community, the Beaver Bank Community Awareness Association has asked the Beaver Bank RCMP Community Policing Office to collect and maintain a database of illegal activities affecting the community. It is our intention that this information will be instrumental in identifying areas of the community that may warrant a timely citywatch alert and/or an increased police presence.

The Policing Office volunteers would like to hear from you if you have recently experienced any criminal activity or know of someone who has. You can report this to us via the submission form below or by phone to the Community Policing Office at 864-6072. You may also drop by the Policing Office in the Beaver Bank Kinsac Community Center. If you submit using the form below, you will be contacted by a volunteer before your information is entered into our database.

Remember that you should always report incidents to the RCMP via 911 if it is an emergency or 244-7208 if it is not an emergency. To view a summary of crime statistics in HRM go to their website.

Please provide the following information and press “Submit Incident” button below. Of the information provided, the only items that will be published are the type of incident, the date, and the street name (not street number) because of privacy issues.


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