City Watch (Ending Soon)


City Watch: Citywatch is a computerized system, connected to a series of phone lines, capable of sharing with you safety issues, emergency measures and criminal activity. With one simultaneous phone call City Watch can deliver important messages …. a lost child, a forest fire, a toxic spill, crime alerts. ….to hundreds of homes in our community. By signing on, you will be advised of any critical information that could affect you. To join Citywatch, Phone: 864-6072 Beaver Bank Community Policing Office OR complete the form located below OR download from the RCMP link on and mail to 1579 Beaver Bank Rd Beaver Bank NS B4G 1C5.

Neighbourhood Watch: When your data for City Watch has been entered into the system, you will be called with a confidential NHW#. This will allow you, and family members, to anonymously and confidentially report incidents, or unusual activity in your area. For non-emergency calls dial 490-5020 with your concerns, giving your NHW # only.

How to register: Please provide the following contact information and press “Submit Application” button at the bottom. ( click for help)

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