The Beaver Bank Community Awareness Association (BBCAA) was formed in 1995 with three aims:

  • Enhance security through information and awareness
  • Recognition of individuals in the community, particularly our youth
  • Betterment of the community through the sharing of views and ideas

The BBCAA is a non-profit association, under the Nova Scotia Societies Act. It is a volunteer association supported by family, business, and corporate memberships, and it keeps the community informed through the Beaver Bank – Kinsac Bulletin, delivered to every home. Readers learn about local events, read about interesting neighbours, and discover more about the history of their community.

Also, the BBCAA:

  • Holds monthly meetings as well as an annual town hall meeting. All meetings are held at the Community Centre and are open to the public.
  • Formally requested the RCMP to establish a Community Policing Office. It has been in operation for over 10 years and is staffed by volunteers in our community.
  • Obtained a grant from Industry Canada for three public Internet access sitesĀ in Beaver Bank, which are supervised by volunteers and student employees. Also known as the C@P Site.
  • Markets locally-made “Beaver Banks” as a fund-raiser. You’ve heard of “Piggy Banks”, well these are “Beaver Banks”. These ceramic banks, are made by Effie’s Ceramics of Dartmouth; exclusively for the BBCAA. They are sold at Hartlen’s Esso and the Community Policing Office for $15 (no tax).
  • Gives a voice to the community on school issues.

The Organization

Beaver Bank Community Awareness Association
1901 Beaver Bank Road,
Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia
B4G 1C9

Memberships –

Most of the Association’s operating funds are obtained through the sale of memberships. A Family membership is $20 per year, Business is $50 per year and Corporate is $500 per year. Business and Corporate members have ‘free’ space available in the Bulletin to tell the community about their businesses.

To all of our supporters – Thank You!