An active community is a healthy community. With our slogan “People Living With Nature” it’s quite obvious that most recreation will take place in our beautiful outdoors, woods, and backyards.

Here are a few ways the people of Beaver Bank are keeping active and participating in recreation:

Skatepark: After many grants, loans, and much fundraising, Beaver Bank is the proud owner of a Skate Park. Located on the Beaver Bank Commons, just below the Beaver Bank Community Centre, the Skate Park is home to many of our Youth any given evening or weekend.









Lost Creek Golf Course:















Walking Trails:

– Willie’s Walk

Landowner(s): HRM

Community Group Manager: Monarch Rivendale Community Association

Length of Trail: Up to 2km

Type of Trail: Series of interconnected trails. Small gravel base.

– Beaver Alley

Landowner(s): Allen Clay

Conditions of use: See agreement by landowner

Length of Trail:  Up to 3 km

Type of Trail: Linear trail consisting of an extend driveway and some side trails